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4 Valli trail

by The Orange Line

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The climbs of the 4Valli Trail

We thought that entering elevations and the route of the climbs would be useful for planning the tour well.


The Raveo climb can be tackled in hard or slow "mode". The gpx track carries the hard climb, all on cobblestones, which becomes difficult with rain and wet conditions. A few meters away also starts the slow climb, less steep and partly on asphalt. All information will be present on site.

4v salita pani - raveo.jpeg
salita passo della forcella _ stentaria da loc. aplis.jpeg
4v salita forcella pieltinis.jpeg
4v salita sella vinadia.jpeg

Passo della Forcella


The deadly "queen" who has the name with her, starts from loc.Aplis (500 m asl) and arrives at Passo della Forcella

(1810m asl) 1310 meters in 9km and 600m


Forcella Pieltinis

Short, but on a challenging dirt road.

Sella Vinadia

800 meters, 2 ramps to take your breath away


Pani _ Raveo

All asphalt to pick up the pace, lots of tight hairpin bends, 3600m of which 2000 of pure climbing.

4v salita sella rioda.jpeg
4v salita malins-festons.jpeg
4v salita casera colmajer.jpeg

Saddle Rioda Rocket

From Sauris di Sopra 4 km of approach up a slight climb, then you face the 7 hard hairpin bends that lead to Sella Rioda (3.3 km), gratified by the panorama.

Casera Colmajer

The last of the climbs, the longest 15 km, but the least demanding if you exclude the final kilometre, all in the woods between beech and fir trees.

Malins - Festons

630 m, the last 230 from curses.

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