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4 Valli trail

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4 VALLEYS trail

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The "4Valli trail" is a permanent and marked route for MTBs and EMTBs located in the mountains of Carnia,
spanning 120 km with over 4,400 meters of elevation gain.

and "OPEN "
from June 22nd to September 29th

An unforgettable adventure, a personal challenge, through Val Tagliamento, Val Degano, Val Pesarina, and Valle del Lumiei, to be completed in 1, 2, or 3 consecutive days, with the awareness that it's not a race except with yourself.
The goal is to certify the passage through the 5 stamping points you will find along the route, overcoming in some cases steep and very demanding climbs (which will take you to the maximum altitude of 1882 meters a.s.l. Sella Vinadia) and thrilling descents, to return back to your starting point afterwards.



The tough ascent of Stentaria disappears and the route moves towards Val Pesarina, passing through Ovasta, and reaching Pradumbli along beautiful forest roads (new stamping point), to climb towards Pesariis, and then towards Pradibosco to face the ascent to M.ga Vinadia.

The route changes but the panoramas and spectacular climbs that will "take your breath away" remain the same.


You will need to plan your tour well (especially if you are doing it on an e-bike to avoid running out of battery, you can find the charging points on a downloadable map in the "Route" area), and be able to tackle the stages with significant elevation gains, a very challenging test.

Now it's up to you to decide what time and when to prepare for the departure and start the experience of the 4Valli trail.

To face this exciting adventure, purchase your "4Valli" kit from the website for the price of 20€, and pick it up, 

only at Rifugio TITA PIAZ,

where the 4 Valli Trail starts in this edition.

You can also have it shipped to your home in 5 business days for the price of 30€


Inside, you will find everything you need to follow the route and reach the 5 stamping points. 

The GPX track will be sent to you via email 2 days before the communicated date of your tour departure.
Once you have collected the 5 different stamps, you will need to hand over the completed stamp card at the Rifugio TITA PIAZ reception, where, if completed, you will also receive the commemorative trophy.


Rifugio TITA PIAZ, a partner in the initiative, offers a 10% discount on accommodation with dinner at the facility to those who book as "4ValliTrail" 


There is also an alternative, if you are not interested in the trophy, but are interested in this type of adventure, you can also download only the GPX track for 6€

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