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4 Valli trail

33028 Tolmezzo (Ud)


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Important information

Respect the highway code.
- The 4Valli trail runs along paths and public roads with some dirt roads. The whole route is done at your own risk.
- Some sections are located in the high mountains. Inform yourself in advance about the weather conditions by bringing the appropriate clothing with you, remembering that the weather can change suddenly in the mountains.
- Respect and protect nature, do not disturb the animals around you.
- And remember, that;
those on foot have priority, to close any gates or bars you come across and to bring any rubbish back with you.‚Äč



- physically prepared in an adequate way it is a 100 km MTB "marathon" on difficult terrain and with a difference in altitude of over 4,000 meters.
- start the excursion very early, already at first light: the 4Valli trail is long even for professionals..
- Calculate the times generously, bearing in mind the pushing sections and the descents to be covered slowly.
- before it gets dark, stop.
- to be able to give you mutual help at home (for example in the event of a fall or in situations that could involve danger), the ideal would be to tackle the 4Valli trail with several friends.
- bring everything for the high mountains with you, for example warm, waterproof and windproof clothing, mountain bike suitable for high mountains and in perfect condition
(a good check of the MTB before the start is very important), enough food, plenty of drinks, backpack with repair kit and spare parts.
- always check your route with the map, compass and GPS
- respect the highway code and the rules of behavior in the mountains.

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